The Artwork

‘Danielle Gregory’s Artwork mirrors oceans of dreamy existence where the sky is the limit and daring subjects agreeably coincide. Subjects with a little myth and mystery.'

This online Art Gallery is a small business, bought to you by an Australian Artist and Designer, Danielle Gregory. A portal of artistic collections available for viewing, purchase and collaboration.

I sell original artwork on different mediums, from oil painting, mixed media to digital. Some special collections are then produced into items with high quality craftsmanship and offered as limited edition prints. Providing products infused with intense original Artistic soul available to you and happy customers WORLDWIDE.

Giving back to charitable causes is crucially important to me it continues to be a driving force and a big part of my work as an emerging artist. Proceeds from artwork are and will continue to be regularly donated to various non for profit organisations; Sea Shepherd, and Brain Cancer Foundations (Scroll down to the bottom of page for more info).  

“If you see something you love and decide to purchase it for one of your favourite spaces or a gift, know that you are making a solid investment in an emerging Australian artist.  I pledge to one day pay you back as values skyrocket because I truly believe my artwork is original, unique and priceless; like any stocks or bonds It is a long term investment.”


The Artist

Born and raised in South Australia, my passion for art was discovered when I was very young. My grandmother was a talented oil painter and art teacher, I remember her explaining little details here and there growing up. All I loved to do was draw, create and paint. My mother also nurtured my love of art & fashion and sent me to study Fashion Design after school.  Overall I’m a self taught painter and have dabbled in some life drawing and design courses. I work with a wide variety of mediums from, oil painting, acrylic, mixed media, digital, and textiles.  I use traditional materials, ink, charcoal, pencils and brushes, my favourite medium is oil paint to capture movement and life — making the brush dance and the paint sing.  Everything is captured in the spontaneous dance and movement of the brush and the feeling as it meets the canvas.

My subject matter is original and from my mind or dreams, some of my subjects are quite beautiful, others less so.  The challenge is to see beyond the distractions of the conspicuous to capture its unique self. With close observation and engagement of the subject it is my process to get thrown in and become completely involved working with something more.

Endless hours of my youth were spent in the country creating, sewing, drawing and at the beach analyzing the magic movement of the ocean. My sister & I were practically raised in a little seaside town on the Yorke Peninsula in the middle of nowhere. My dad was also a professional fisherman from Victor Harbor, who passed down his love of water to me. My parents separated at a young age so I didn’t get to see him all to often but when I did he would always teach me about the waves, boats and beauty in the ocean... Since then, I’ve always been pulled towards the sea.

I spent a lot of my younger years traveling to different bodies of water around Australia and overseas, and always felt driven to create.

I’ve studied across a range of fields and have always been pulled back towards my love of Art. Which is where I’ve decided to stay. I had my first exhibition in my early 20’s but strayed from the art path after my dad passed away from a Brain tumour when I was 26.  This  sent my life into a spiral of uncertainty and confusion. I threw myself into studying a bachelors degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, to study the behaviours of society and people, to try and understand why people do what they do and why.  I immensely enjoyed it but it also taught me and led me back to what is most important to me Art. There is so much ugly in the world that if I can help by making little bits of it beautiful and bring happiness to someone with my art then I have fulfilled some what of my purpose.

However, at the time it was important to me I needed to focus my brain away from the loss, keep it as busy as possible while I also worked different jobs. Including managing a bar for a football and cricket club before moving onto a nightclub which filled the rest of my tireless hours. I wouldn’t pick up a pencil or brush until years later.

Moving forward, I want nothing more now than to work towards my art goals; All with a vision in mind to make little parts of the world beautiful; because there is so much already wrong with the world I want to do what I can by creating meaningful treasures for people to enjoy.

The ability to move to where I’am now in Victor Harbor, the healing and opening up a home studio is all thanks to the love and support of my family, and every customer who has invested in welcoming my artwork into their home.

A big part of my goal is to give back by donating to different charities along with pro bono works, recently I donated a piece to Living with Koalas, made contributions to Sea Shepherd and Cancer foundations wherever possible.  At Present, I'm a single mum and carer so I do what I can when I can. Eventually working towards more full time in art.  Thank you for taking the time to experience my artwork and to read a little bit about my life.


Giving Back 



We are an Ocean Warrior".

Sea Shepherd missions carry out the dirty frontline work that many of us would be too shocked to witness – intercepting illegal fishing boats, and hauling illegal nets out of the oceans containing the dead bodies of literally thousands of sea creatures. It is back-breaking, heart-breaking, but essential work. Sea Shepherd works to end the slaughter of precious wildlife and the destruction of habitats in the world's oceans.
"If the oceans die, we die.”
RIP - Mark Gregory aka Pointy My Dad (Red Jumper).
White Pointer caught after getting stuck in fishing nets almost dragged the boat underwater nearly killing the crew.
Another foundation important to my cause is the Cure Brain Cancer foundation for the research into brain tumors.